About Me

Developer, designer, writer, music lover, avid traveler, and someone who is always active, I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and have been on the road ever since. Whether it’s actually traveling, working on an idea, or planning another idea or adventure, I like to keep the wheels turning in one way or another.

I mentioned above that I was born in Toledo, Ohio. I left when I was 19 for Pittsburgh and never looked back. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and while in retrospect I would have preferred a liberal arts degree, my education and credentials have afforded me constant employment.

I’ve spent a lot of time staying busy, whether it was working full time through college, or picking up side jobs, I’ve always found myself something to do.

In 2013, I started my own company, Carpentry, dedicated to creating custom designed, content managed, responsive websites for small businesses.