Companies and Projects

I like to keep busy.  Below is a list of companies and projects I’ve been working on for some time now.



Carpentry – A Digital Agency


Carpentry is a digital agency specializing in building custom, content-managed, responsive websites.  Originally concieved in December of 2013, the goal was to ultimately fill a gap in the market for small businesses who needed custom, agency-built websites but couldn’t afford, or were weary regarding hiring an agency.

Projects: is a startup project currently in development. More to come later.

Special Projects:



The market for recruiters seems to follow the same old song and dance these days where individual recruiters contact all of the talent they can find while trying to fit them into an open posititon.  But what if AI could accomplish that same task, using referrals brought in from the people already employed by the company?

Sherpa is a Washington DC based startup.

A work in progress website dedicated to showing people how to do things by themselves.  More to come…


A long time in the works, I’m currently working on a fiction novel which will be released at some point in the near future.