Week 2 Song of the Week: Hazel English – I’m Fine

This week’s Song of the Week is “I’m Fine” by Hazel English.

About Hazel English:

Website: http://www.hazelenglish.com/
iTunes: Hazel English on iTunes
Spotify: Hazel English on Spotify

I might have mentioned it in another post, I can’t remember, but I love Spotify.  I also love Starbucks – that, I know I haven’t mentioned.  But I do!  Now that we’ve established that, I can tell you that I heard of Hazel English through the always excellent Starbucks Top Ten playlist on Spotify, which led off this week with not one, but TWO songs by Hazel English.  This song was the first.

Hazel English, from what I managed to find in other articles, was a student studying abroad from Australia who absolutely fell in love with San Francisco and never left.  If fact, she even has a song and a video about that.  Maybe for another song of the week…

While I’m short on details about her rise as an artist, her music speaks for herself and is quickly climbing viral charts all over the internet.

About “I’m Fine”:

Lyrics: I’m Fine by Hazel English – lyrics on Genius.com

If you’ve read some of my past songs of the week, you’ll have hopefully have noticed a pattern in the music that I like.  Intensely personal, heartfelt, relatable music is part of what I find so enthralling about music in the first place. (Ok, I kinnnddd of like hype music too.  I’m human.)  I’m Fine is no exception to that general rule.  Lyrically, the song is postmarked and delivered straight to someone.  Who?  That’s not important.  It never is.  What’s important however, is the brilliance, earnestness, and the deeper emotional connection that this song is capable of reaching with a multitude of listeners – but more important than all of that, the naked honesty put out before the listener.

I can’t deny I’m paralyzed from the inside.
Everyday I wake to feel the same.

Our best friends don’t have that kind of honesty – but here is a song, completely transparent, asking us to just listen, the way a friend would.  But remember, it’s not addressed to us.  This song is postmarked for someone who is not us.  It’s like finding a letter on a train – folded and lost between the seats.

And every time you ask me how I’m feeling,
I just smile and tell you that I’m fine.

I won’t spoil the rest.  This song is worth checking out, and so is Hazel English’s entire EP Never Going Home.

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