Week 48 Song of the Week: Spirit Family Reunion – It Does Not Bother Me

This week’s Song of the Week is “It Does Not Bother Me” by Spirit Family Reunion.

About the Artist:

Website: http://www.spiritfamilyreunion.com
iTunes: Spirit Family Reunion on iTunes
Spotify: Spirit Family Reunion on Spotify

Spirit Family Reunion has been active since 2010.  New to my ears, I happened upon them when one of their songs found it’s way into my “Discover Weekly” playlist curated by Spotify.  Since then, they’ve found their way into binge listening sessions nearly weekly, joyfully listening to albums on repeat for hours at a time.  What’s funny is I never intend it.  In the course of writing this post I decided to listen to the track again which has launched me into fully listening to their “Hands Together” album all over again.  Be warned, this is a catchy band.  You can’t listen to just one song.

 About The Track:

There’s something about a song which reminds you just to let go of the things you can’t control and to focus on all of the great things right in front of you.  An upbeat and catchy tune, Spirit encapsulates uplifting lyrics in a type of sonic optimism in this track, brought home by the oft repeated hook, “it does not bother, does not bother me.” 

The song begins with Ken Woodward leading off with a catchy baseline which invites in  Stephen Weinheimer with some simple percussion, rounded off still by the entry of  Maggie Carson with an equally simple, yet catchy riff on the banjo.  The combination of sounds sets a perfect foundation for singer Nick Panken to lead us into the song:

When I’m filled with darkness,
blinded and I cannot see,
I stumble around to what I found,
right in front of me.

The swell of sound at the culmination of the first verse further leads us into the track.  With several guitar strums, the sound grows exponentially while the vocals maintain their same, matter of fact and reassuring calmness from the first verse.  By the chorus, the sound grows again, and while we know there isn’t a backup band of vocalists, when the chorus erupts, you’d think there was – and while the chorus is simple, meaningful, and to the point, the presentation of it would have you think it was lyrically much longer and more profound than it actually is.

When it comes, call it it sweet relief! Oh, it does not bother does not bother me.

At the end of the nearly four minutes this track spans, if you’re anything like me you’ll be reaching for the button that play it all over again.  When the last note is played and the instruments ring into quiet, you can choose to be rewarded with another listen, or continue on to listen to the album’s third track, Fill My Heart With Love.

Both courses of action are highly recommended!


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